Погибший во время Олимпиады в Рио тренер стал донором органов

A few days ago in Rio De Janeiro, the tragedy occurred: a car accident killed a 35-year-old Stefan Henze, the German national team coach in slalom. Athlete went to the Olympic village in a taxi. With him in the car was his colleague Christian Keding. Both men were injured in a major accident, but Stefan was not so lucky, he needed the help of neurosurgeons. Unfortunately, in the clinic where he brought Henze immediately after the accident, there were no specialists-neurosurgeons, the clinic was a good twenty kilometers. Precious time was lost during emergency surgery Stefan died, but even after his death, was able to help four people.

Henze organs, namely the kidneys, liver and heart were given to people awaiting organ transplants what with gratitude said the Ministry of health of Brazil.

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