Lost bride the star of KVN Sergey Oborin helps cancer patients

Потерявший невесту звезда КВН Сергей Оборин помогает больным раком The man gives costly medicines. Comedian wants to restore the health of suffering from cancer of people. Beloved Sergei Oborin Anna Bazhanov died after a struggle with a terrible disease.

September 13, a team member KVN “Parapaparam” from MGIMO Sergey Oborin has lost it. Anna Bazhanov died after a long battle with cancer. The man tried to do everything to help the girl to cope with a terrible disease. The bride is the star of KVN Sergey Oborin died of cancer

Now Sergey Oborin has decided to support those who are also faced with a similar ailment. He posted in the microblog the photo of the drugs that can save someone’s life. The artist intends to give medicines to those who need them.

“We will be happy to help someone in these drugs really need it. Due to the fact that some of the drugs to spread in the Network we can’t, not all pictured. Call, ask in person, drugs left a lot. Understand us correctly, we will need a certificate from the hospital about the patient, as all these tools are quite expensive and strong, the fraudsters can capitalize on someone else’s grief,” wrote a man.

Sergei did not forget about the help neravnodushnyh, and therefore was very grateful that many have responded to his request to help Finance his bride. On the collected funds Oborin took his beloved in Israel, she underwent a course of treatment. The man talked about what feelings were experienced when I saw how many people responded to his call.

“We are extremely extremely grateful to you all, every single one! After our request at the expense of every minute of the funds for the treatment of Anya, ranging from five rubles to large amounts! Thank you to everyone who wants to help and helps morally, financially, acquaintances and connections and just a kind word. Thank you for not staying out of the way and help us fight the terrible disease! In this short time we managed to collect about half of the required amount,” – said a few months ago comedian.

The death of Anna was a real blow for Sergei. He could not believe that they were unable to overcome the fourth stage of breast cancer and metastases have struck the brain.

“The doctor said that this is a peculiar – aggressive kind of the disease that lightning kills healthy cells of the body,” said “StarHit” Oborin.