Losses-2017: why we will never forget Glagoleva Hvorostovsky and Batalov

Потери-2017: почему мы никогда не забудем Глаголеву, Хворостовского и Баталова The past year has claimed the lives of many talented people. “StarHit” remembered bright artists, which was not in the last 12 months. The fans still believe in their demise. Most celebrities are unable to overcome cancer, and the other death was sudden.
Потери-2017: почему мы никогда не забудем Глаголеву, Хворостовского и Баталова

In 2017, the world said goodbye to many actors, poets and singers. People familiar with the work of Vera Glagoleva, Alexei Batalov, Oleg Yakovlev and Dmitri Hvorostovsky, still can’t believe that celebrity is no longer alive. However, the films, songs and other works still will remind fans about their idols.


Famous actor Alexei Petrenko died 22 February 2017. His wife Azima Abdumuminov reported that the cause of death was detached thrombus. According to the wife of the artist, his departure could speed it up a quarrel with the eldest daughter Polina. After his death the family started a fierce debate over the remaining of the inheritance, which was estimated at 70 million rubles. Pauline, who lived with her granddaughter Petrenko in Germany, arrived in Russia and has attracted worldwide attention. In one of the airs she justified why start fighting over the inheritance.

“Why me, dear daughter, need to get some crumbs, but a man who clung to her father in the last years of his life, a huge amount, – said Polina Petrenko in an interview. – Dad made a good living, he received five thousand euros per day of shooting. I’m sure Azim made sure to clean up much.”

It’s been almost a year after the death of Petrenko, but his relatives are still arguing over the estate passed to them by inheritance. Daughter of Pauline Anastasia is the mother. According to her, Alexey Vasilyevich did not seek meetings with her. Friends of the actor continue to discuss the issue of his inheritance.

The granddaughter of Alexei Petrenko stood up for the mother claiming the inheritance

Alexei Batalov

Потери-2017: почему мы никогда не забудем Глаголеву, Хворостовского и Баталова

The actor, remembered by the audience for the film “Moscow does not believe in tears” and “the cranes are Flying”, died on June 15. Lately the Director has been sick. A few months he was in hospital in January the movie star has broken his hip, and in February had surgery. He died in his sleep on 89-m to year of life.

For many years the artist has been happy in marriage with Gitana Arkadyevna, Leontenko. They had a daughter Mary, who suffers from cerebral palsy, as was injured at birth. After my dad left her was very difficult.

“Stop crying, but trying to stay. Goes to the ballet, the theatre, the Conservatory. And now collects poems, sayings Alesha and wants to issue a small edition for friends. But I will never be able to accept that it is not. Even from home do not go. We’re with Alyosha life were together 55 years, married, 64 years old familiar. I even sleep in his shirt”, said Gitana A. reporters.

As told, Leontenko, all the inheritance left Mary. First daughter Batalov, Anastasia, is still trying to defend the rights of the rest after his death the property.

Vera Glagoleva

Потери-2017: почему мы никогда не забудем Глаголеву, Хворостовского и Баталова

People could not believe that for a long time the actress and the Director Vera Glagoleva has struggled with cancer. The woman died on 62-m to year of life on August 16. The news of the death of the actress shocked the public, because in June the mother of three daughters had fun at the wedding Anastasia Subsky. Vera Glagoleva went into the lead on the second day of daughter’s wedding

No one then could not think that the actress has cancer. But later, the media began to emerge information about her illness that was carefully denied close movie stars. Glagoleva passed treatment abroad. Some friends of the actress reported that she refused chemotherapy shortly before his death. The journalist Andrey Maksimov recalled that the star was never weak.

“I remember she told me about her illness. (…) Never before or after have I seen Faith scared. The weeping saw – frightened, no. It was a long time ago. And she began to be treated. Hard to believe that she managed to win – she even refused the chemo. It seemed that she should never die, because Faith was the embodiment of life. She was one of those women who never age. And when she lost weight, we all said, “Vera, you look good…” – said Maximov.

Oleg Yakovlev

The former soloist of group “Ivanushki International” died suddenly in June of this year. Oleg Yakovlev was in the hospital with severe pneumonia. Over a long period of time, the singer turned not to doctors, preferring self-treatment. The cause of death was heart failure. The funeral held by his ex-bandmates, Igor Matvienko and the civil wife of Alexander Kutsevol. At the request of the singer, he was cremated. She is now planning to erect a monument on the grave of the artist.

“Oleg always said, “Let’s just no “Bang”. That is, not pretentious, not showy. He disliked pomposity. Friends and fans volunteered to help with the monument. Don’t know if we are going to open some sort of collection or do their own. At the moment, the artist works on the design layout of the monument. After its approval we will start to look for the sculpture and to choose the material,” said koziol “StarHit”.

The wife of Oleg Yakovlev: “I Think if he goes, I first day you die”

Recently, the presentation of the song Oleg wrote a few months before his death, “don’t cry”. The song was released on the 40th day.

Потери-2017: почему мы никогда не забудем Глаголеву, Хворостовского и Баталова“Oleg then said that he dedicated it to me. “What a depressing song?” – I asked. He discovered his talent as a composer and author. The lyrics of a song are very sad. The line “you don’t even know who you lose” made me tingle. Could not understand why he chose such a word. You could sing “throw”. But he said, “I like it”, – Alexander shared in an interview with “StarHit”.

Dmitry Maryanov

Потери-2017: почему мы никогда не забудем Глаголеву, Хворостовского и Баталова

The actor died from a blood clot to break away this autumn. The people who were with Martynovym in the last hours of his life, did not have time to bring the artist to the hospital, and ambulance to their call did not come. Later it turned out that a few days Dmitri was in a rehabilitation center treating drug addiction and alcoholism. Rumor has it, the star of the movie “Above the rainbow” had problems with abuse of alcohol.

According to the head of the center Oksana Bogdanova, in their facility had psychologists who helped the patients. No special drugs to people not prescribed. However, after the death Maranova examination was conducted. According to media reports, in the blood of the actor found a high content of phenazepam and haloperidol.

In the blood of Dmitry Marjanova found psychotropic drugs

Widow Maranova Xenia BIK grieved at his departure. Now she takes care of her daughter Anfisa, who was born before the couple married. For 40 days the woman left a message of appeal to her husband.

“You don’t. Me no one else your voice will not be called “my little kasasa”, “sugar sugar”. Anfiska earlier no one was allowed to call himself a “Pan”, and now everyone requires to hear these sounds. With someone else’s energy. Other people’s feelings. The combination of letters. You’re there all ready like we planned, okay? We’ve got all eternity. I do not fear death, because you are waiting for me”, – wrote Ksenia.

Mikhail Zadornov

Zadornov died 10 Nov. Famous Russian comedian fought a long time with cancer of the brain. The doctors put a disappointing diagnosis Zadornov in 2016. Artist personally told the sad news to his fans.

“In the press and on the Internet a lot of speculation about my condition. I want to clarify. Really, it’s not as good as I would like, despite the strong treatment. Suffer Alive and Robust – the quality of life. It was nice to get so many good wishes in letters. Even too much! But even more letters about what you know, like, exactly who can cure. Ask for such letters, with links to all sorts of witches and psychics, I no longer send. They have already accumulated more than a thousand. And most of them can only help healthy people. I rely on those scientists who have cured many. And Live and Zdrave draw from memories of a wonderful past,” wrote Zadornov on the page in a social network.

Mikhail was treated in one of the German clinics, where doctors managed to stabilize on his condition. Zadornov claimed that he had begun rehabilitation. Friends of the artist preferred not to talk about the state of health, but in early autumn it became clear that he got worse. Satirist buried in Riga, near the grave of his father.

“He was an honest voice” colleagues and friends mourn the deceased Zadornov

“He’s an amazing person, because it’s never been raised,” so about Zadornov remembered his friend Svyatoslav Yeshchenko.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky

The famous Opera singer was ill with brain cancer in 2015. The artist has had several chemotherapy courses. In the summer of 2017 had recorded remission. Hvorostovsky returned to concert activity. Dmitry arrived in his native Krasnoyarsk, to speak to the audience. They understand how hard it is to sing and stand, but saw that the artist did not give up.

Hvorostovsky lived in London, where he held the cure for cancer. His friend, photographer Pavel Antonov says that Dmitry was very afraid for the family, because they do not know what will become of them after his death.

“Remember, after the diagnosis saw him Jogging to do it in the gym or the Park was dangerous – he could fall, so he rented an apartment with furniture, pillows, it was difficult to get hurt, and for an hour every day running around in one place. The “plush” apartment. Iron man… the Tumor was in the brain that are responsible for coordination. I advised the Tibetan exercises, he used them,” said a friend of the singer.

In December 2016, he suffered pneumonia. However, despite all the ailments, he was able to continue singing. “Although sometimes, the disease occurs so that I can not, do not consider and it seems that do not want to. So now, for me, every concert is a summing up”, – says the artist in a recent interview.

Hvorostovsky was cremated, one of the urns with ashes were buried at the Novodevichy cemetery in Moscow, and the second was sent to Krasnoyarsk.