“Loss of charisma” Anna Mikhalkova held her son to adulthood

«Потерявшая харизму» Анна Михалкова проводила сына во взрослую жизнь
Grandson Nikita graduated from high school.

Anna Mikhalkova

Photo: @Instagram anikiti4na Anna Mikhalkova

Criticism in social networks — the phenomenon permanent. More recently, detractors chastised Anna Mikhalkov for the extra weight. The actress spent over a job and was able to lose 15 pounds, but criticisms have not disappeared: now each new photo of the actress provokes discussion “tortured” by the appearance of Anna.

On the eve Mikhalkov accompanied eldest son, 18-year-old Andrew adulthood. On this occasion, microblogging Anna opened several frames. On one of them the actress posing one. In the comments to this entry Mikhalkov asked the fans to stop worrying about the supposedly “extinct” look.

“The first photo (and possibly last) from the exhaust of the child whose?! Right, mine! People with a good sense of humor are welcome! I hope for a detailed discussion on how I lost weight and lost his charisma. Thought this time would cost, but no! Eyes not sad! And some today they even see the pain,” says Anna, who during the shooting was in a great mood.

Okay, one picture of children for the sake of publish) managed to fix with labor. Blackmail, bribery, threats.

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Grandson Nikita celebrated graduation with friends and younger brother, Sergei, for which this holiday became a “rehearsal” for the celebration of the graduation (prom the youngest son Mikhalkov will take place only next year). Andrew, incidentally, has no plans to associate life with a creative profession. After the exams, he will apply for the Economics faculty from three universities – MGIMO, Moscow state University and higher school of Economics.

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