Lora Reznikova changed the pylon to the ballet

Лора Резникова сменила пилон на балет
The star of the show “Witnesses” admitted that the choreography is heavier than pole dancing.

Lora Reznikova

Photo: photo from the personal archives of Laura Reznikova

Lora Reznikova is always nice
surprised thousands of his followers. In her microblogs a lot
photos: it’s dancing the Argentine tango, is busy training for Thai
Boxing, performs exercises on the pylon on the coast… “nobody is perfect”, —
Laura thinks, not allowing herself to gain more than 52 pounds. Ways
maintain the actress variety.

For 10 years she
passionate about dancing, and even when on the ears busy filming, she tries at least once in
month to visit a milonga — a party where you dance tango, thus maintaining their basic skills.

Acrobatics on the pole Reznikova
engaged in more than five years. So effectively it turns out that the Directors were
to include in the scenarios the performance of her heroines to the pole (as, for example, in
the series “the Fifth guard” and “Witnesses”).

And not so long ago
the actress decided to learn classical choreography. “At first
I thought that the pylon is the most complicated exercise, she said.
— And now I know that ballet is much more difficult. The machine is nothing, but in the middle
hall when I’m practicing my jumps and spins, it is very difficult”.

However, no
difficulties did not discourage the actress from the opportunity to try something new. It
applies not only to sports, and nutrition. For example, once, when her role was required to lose 5
kg, it is called as a witness its subscribers began to tell
them about that makes, sharing what worked and what did not. In the end, when the decline
weight “stalled”, one of her readers suggested what to do next.
And after a trip with friends in an Ayurvedic clinic in India she became
vegetarian, radically changing the approach to eating.

As a result, Laura looks
a girl’s slender, she’s the living proof that age (she’s 41)
no excuse fattening figures, aging of the skin, laziness, finally.

Details about beauty secrets
Laura Reznikova read here.