Лопырева оскандалилась из-за рекламы в соцсетях

Models subscribers one after the other asked me not to consider them fools.

The life of Victoria Lopyreva daily watch more than 800 thousand people. Famous blonde regularly shares pictures from travels, fancy bows, and finally beauty-tips.

That’s one of them in Instagram presenter recently broke out on a serious verbal sparring. Subscribers didn’t like the post star blondes, they lashed out at the girl critically, and then demanded not to consider them fools.

“Beloveds, you are all the time asking me about the procedure for tooth –” began Victoria. — Answer, I never did anything with them and did not even bleached, but occasionally to visit his friends in the clinic – make bogigian and strengthening enamel.

Angry users immediately chided Vick in contempt and outright falsehood. Like, veneers on her teeth to catch the eye. What’s enamel?

“There are pictures where the bottom is visible 6-8 veneers, the rest is another color. That’s why write it?” – was indignant one.

“Why such loud slogans?” – supported by others.

Victoria, however, negative comments not caught by surprise. On the contrary, the girl joked on this topic. And he was not on the emotions to remove the post and added:

“I read the comments – smile. I have veneers or something else. And whitening I’ve never done, got lucky with the color of the enamel. Well, I’m sorry, it happens. True,” the girl added and smiled all the detractors of his white smile photo. Much was jealous. And all at once…

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