Lopez showed on the self all that is acquired back-breaking labor

Лопес показала на селфи все, что нажила непосильным трудом

Singer and actress once again proved that she can give odds to the young.

She has a successful career, millions in royalties and the younger man almost twice. And still great looks. Looking at Lopez, about the figure of 47 in the passport you can just forget it. Besides the singer showed another proof. Jay posted well very hot selfie in a bathing suit.

Photo – Jay in his bedroom in front of the mirror. The star very sexy black swimsuit, garish make-up… and another pose, showing the chiseled curve of the back!

In General, once it is clear that 6-hour daily exercise have not been to star for nothing.

Needless to say that the first day gained more than 40 million likes and thousands of comments.

By the way, some even decided sravnitel actress with another owner seductive forms of Kim Kardashian. And I must say that the majority voted for beauty Lopez.