«Классно смотрятся»: бывший муж Вики Дайнеко подтвердил новый роман
The beloved musician was the photographer from Stavropol.

Photo: Instagram

Some time ago the ex-husband of Victoria Dayneko, Dmitry Kleiman intrigued followers with a picture of a striking blonde. He ambiguously signed a photo: “No problem…”, leaving fans in disbelief. Whether Dmitry after the divorce, met somebody new, whether it is just shocking the audience.

But now the musician has put everything in its place. In his personal blog, there is a new photo with the same beauty. But now Dmitri kisses her right in the frame. Albeit on the cheek, but very passionately. The girl name is Lyubov Subbotina in turn also spaced the exact same frame in their social networks.

“Two look good together!” — agreed members of the pair.

As it became known, the Love lives in the two cities. Spends a lot of time in Stavropol, where she had many clients (she’s a photographer). The second part of the time in Moscow. Subbotina is 26 years old, she’s closer in age to Kleiman than his ex-wife (Vic — 30). But Dmitry still remains true to himself: he likes older girls. This time he is younger than his lady only for 3 years.

Daineko, meanwhile, while fears of having a serious relationship. Recently, she even decided to update your profile on a famous Dating site! She even asked fans of the Board, if its a new photo for the famous Dating website.

“Divorce is a great time to update photos on a Dating site”, — she wrote.