Потрясающе выглядящая Шарон Стоун показала нового любовника
The actress brought her boyfriend to the Caribbean.

Sharon stone and Lonnie Cooper

Photo: @quemacontece Instagram

Sharon stone made
irresistible impression on tourists on the Caribbean island of St Barts.
Appearing on the beach, the actress once again showed that at 58 she looks
still almost perfect. But most of all bystanders her beach
“defile” was intrigued by the appearance beside her mysterious companion. Later reporters
the online edition of The Sun did the scout, who
this new Beau stone.

It turned out to Lonnie
Cooper — enough known in his business field. He is the owner of a successful
sports Agency, which employs more than 200 people. Unlike
many former suitors, Sharon, Lonnie is not the boy — he was 62 years old. For
comparison: penultimate to date Boyfriends stone, Argentinian —
Martin Mika was younger than her for 22 years. And even the past — David Lewis —
he was born 13 years later, Sharon…

By all appearances, to meet
with stone Cooper started recently. But their relationship seems to have time to go
pretty far. In any case, the couple frolicked on the beach, as the two
the teenager did not hesitate presence of strangers. In addition to sea
the shore, they were seen together shopping and
restaurants on the island, and they behave like lovers.

Hopefully, the emergence of
Lonnie has marked a new stage in the life of the actress. After all, this summer stone,
which broke up with De Lewis in 2014, lamented that she was alone all the time. And
she has no time for romance or even burdensome flirt with anyone…