Long-awaited daughter Julia Savicheva was a copy of my father

Долгожданная дочка Юлии Савичевой стала копией папы
From mother of the baby had inherited only one characteristic of the appearance.

Yulia Savicheva with her husband Alexander

Photo: Social Networks

The daughter of Yulia Savicheva and Alexander Arshinova husband for seven months, but the public has not yet had the chance to see the baby. The parents do not show her pictures online and do not appear with her at social events. But Julia recently talked about on one like daughter. By his own admission, from the famous mom she only got the hair color. Externally, it grows a copy of the Pope, which, of course, very proud of Alexander.

“Day by day notice more and more how our Anya becomes a copy of her husband. Facial features, even small gestures, not to mention the smile. However, the color of my hair! Redhead genetics. It gives me great happiness to see that daughter now absorb the best of what we want to give her. A similarity with Sasha – generally a separate issue. Despite the fact that we always say that, God forbid, our children will be better than we are, still deep down wish they were like us. At least outwardly! To have the family tree was a special sign that is transmitted from generation to generation!” — said Julia.

Recently, the actress was back on the road. A little girl Savicheva decided not “to carry.” To the time of departure of the singer the daughter remains in the custody of the Pope. She admits that she feels the force to combine a career with motherhood. The first after a long break, the concert of Julia took place in the city Polyarnye Zori of the Murmansk region. Coincidentally, on stage Savicheva came back on the eve of his birthday. She admits that she feels the force to combine a career with motherhood.