Lolita was protected from persecution obvenchatsya Galkin and Pugacheva

Лолита защитила от травли обвенчавшихся Галкина и Пугачеву Famous singer sided with the couple. November 18, Maxim Galkin has informed that swore eternal love Alla Pugacheva. The ceremony took place in a narrow circle of relatives and friends of the celebrities, away from prying eyes. On hearing this, some condemned the act of a prima Donna.
Лолита защитила от травли обвенчавшихся Галкина и Пугачеву

Over the weekend it became known that the married Alla Pugacheva with Maxim Galkin. The couple brought each other your vows in the temple after six years of marriage. The ceremony passed in a narrow circle – it was attended by only close friends of the couple, and their adorable children Harry and Lisa.

The news of the ceremony was one of the most talked-about events of the past week. Some Internet users have decided that Alla Pugacheva was wrong again planning to marry the chosen one – in 1994 a Diva sealed their Alliance with Philip Kirkorov. However, the star friends of the famous actress believe otherwise. On the side of Galkin and Pugacheva rose Lolita.

Stas Sadalsky spoke sharply about the wedding Pugacheva and Galkin

“There are idiots who write that a second time can marry. Thank God, very few of them. This is complete nonsense. People have the right to do things, and then repent of them. On earth there is no God physically, He is not material and He is one, – shared the singer. – It is God who decides when, to whom and how many times to get married. God grant that each man found a pair and they lived together for many years, could come and get married. I read the message of Alla that she wrote for all users. There were approximately these words: “Let there be love. Amen.” I with it agree”.

Alla Borisovna wrote in the microblog that her first wedding was a spontaneous decision. Pugachev also thanked fans for their many congratulations.

“The rest of my life I will repent for the first wedding and asking for God’s forgiveness. It was a thoughtless, spontaneous and naive enough step. The devil made me do it. Thank God that I still a second time to get married. Today is a meaningful and righteous action in the name of love and loyalty for the rest of my days. Lord! Prolong my happy life as long as possible in the health and well-being of my husband and children. Amen” – shared the star last Saturday.

As told reporters friend Pugacheva and Galkin Alexander Buinov, none of my friends spouses were not aware of their plans. Those called friends the night before and was invited to the wedding. “It’s cool when that happens. Everything went well in the family circle,” – said the singer. He also noted that Alla and Maxim would not lavish and pompous ceremony, so abandoned the idea to arrange it in the temple of Christ the Savior. The ceremony was held in the Moscow region, in the “humble and very beautiful” place, says