Lolita was not allowed to Kiev

Лолиту не пустили в Киев

Singer lolita was not allowed to Kiev. The actress, who has Ukrainian roots, but many years living in Moscow, took the train to the capital of her homeland, and sent back. About Lolita herself said in a video posted on her page in social network Facebook.

“Where do you think I am? I’m in Konotop, me at 4 am was taken off the train, I can’t visit his child who was sick, because I denied entry to Ukraine. Here, transplanted at once to another train,” said the distressed artist.
The reason for the ban was the performance of Lolita in the annexed Crimea in 2015, namely the performance of the singer in Kerch.
Recall that in Kiev the singer left the mother and daughter, Eva, who suffers from autistic disorder character. The girl is now eighteen years old, but the desire to move to his mother in Moscow, she has not expressed how he doesn’t want to relocate and the mother of the singer. Apparently, the choice they now have is small and will have Mohammed go to the mountain himself to visit her in Russia.