Лолита снова оказалась в центре судебного скандала
The singer wants to regain their songs.

Photo: Instagram

Recently, Lolita was able once again to make sure that the female friendship does not exist. At least in show business. Her former friend, partner and colleague Elena Kiper, known as the author of the most famous hits of the group “Tatu”, has sold rights to a few songs Lolita without her knowledge.

Several years ago, the IBA signed with the Keeper of a cooperation agreement, according to which she trusted her to conduct all their business on creative works (i.e. songs and music written and performed by Lola). And now it turned out that the singer no longer owns the rights to her hits “Orientation — North”, “Titanic” and many others. Accordingly, the Bank account Lolita not received and royalties that were due to them under the law. Over the past three years she received a half million rubles, which is a very little earnings for this period.

To get back their legal rights, the IBA had to go to the world intellectual property organization. In court, she will demand monetary compensation. The singer appreciated his work at six million rubles.

“Fool I, that did not read the contract. I warn everyone, including their colleagues, reading is still necessary! Look at me, the idiot who three years later came to his senses and realized that does not receive money. Give me back my property, and I’m not even going to check how much you’ve stolen. Go to court and I will ask to arrest my entire catalog. A more brazen creature I ever saw! The Keeper, as it turned out, persuaded other authors to sign their songs to their name, without writing a single line, not a finish. She told the authors that it will be hard to sell the song, because nobody knows them. And it is so popular and famous that it will succeed better,” said the Lolita “Super”.

To defend in court their right Milavskaya not the first time. A few years ago she sued the housing company elite house in the center of Moscow. Representatives TSZH insisted that she was not paying bills and owed more than 400 thousand rubles. The singer, however, insisted that pay the bills of the management company. Ultimately, the court rejected the claim to the star.