Lolita very old

Лолита сильно постарела
The singer told why it looks bad.

Photo: Instagram

Lolita turned to the fans from the pages of his personal blog in a very strange way. The singer with the help of makeup try on the image of the old woman!

“My dear subscribers! she says. — Of course, I really want to answer some questions. If I read all that you write? Of course, reading! That’s why now I look so special to some, because those some say to me: “Well can you stop? For 53 years! Already grandma d! ‘Buela crazy!” Someone even wrote that I was an alcoholic. I thought I should fit all that writing on my Instagram. I never remove bad reviews. So now I’m grandma d, good, good, sweetie! Makeup try on just in case, maybe this all has something to eat?”

Fans of Lolita appreciated the humor of the singer and left more than four thousand of admiring comments!

The appearance of Lolita is easy, but can not understand why someone in the Network has the right to criticize it. A little over a month ago in response to the comments of the people that Lolita is too fat, the singer appeared on stage in a slinky bodysuit, which showed all the imperfections in the shape of a star. And even said that officially considers itself to be “the fattest singer on the Russian stage”!