Lolita tries to save the wife from the influence of the sect

Лолита пытается спасти супруга от влияния секты The singer told that her husband attends special courses. Dmitry Ivanov became a member of the training, which taught leadership. Some days he wasted tens of thousands of rubles for training. According to Lolita, the behavior of the elect also has changed dramatically.

      Singer Lolita Milyavskaya worried about the wife. Dmitry Ivanov became one of the active followers of a movement that promotes teaching leadership on the system used in America organization gratitude. According to the artist, the husband began to attend these courses when she was on tour, so the woman did not immediately understand what was happening to him.

      “My husband never did me no secret he is a very sincere, trusting and warm people, unfortunately, such people are beneficial for these “training centers”. Unfortunately, I later learned that this is nothing like an American technology associated with NLP and Scientology brain-damaging hundreds of people coming in. For five days, while he visited the “training”, he has changed beyond recognition. I was at this time in the tour, but these changes are noticed even on short phone calls and SMS. From completely warm to the man I love seven years, he turned into a cold, thoughtful man. Suddenly disappeared calls before concerts “of Lausa, I wish you good luck”, – said the singer.

      According to the artist, when she returned to Moscow for one day, no one waited at home, although usually Dmitry is always ready for her visits. Lolita began to understand the situation. In Russia the organization of training does a Roman Tikhonov.”Honestly, I like this person – the organizer of these “trainings” – Tikhonov would be immediately put to the wall because after what I read on the Internet and the fact that I told friends about it, I was in shock. Within these walls, not one good soul perished and not one fragile psyche broke down. In the best case, people undergoing rehabilitation in the worst – went out the window,” said IBA.

      The stories Lolita, her husband called the supervisor and reported on each step. Dmitry shared with his wife that he had to wear strange clothes to loosen up. According to the artist, this place can only be described as a sect, and there is clearly used hypnosis against the participants of the trainings. “He paid 66 thousand rubles for five days. And, for my husband is a lot of money, he earns, sticks, and picks. This “training” is the absolute pumping money. My husband hasn’t been home before two in the morning. Called someone, reported,” he told the star.

      Friends of the family volunteered to help lolita. Apparently, after talking with Dmitry IBA found that he was attracted to that cult a desire for growth. He has already passed two courses. Husband promised Milavskaya not pay for the third stage. According to some information, the final part of the training brought people to the psychiatric hospital, to suicide.

      “It is clear that “Ivanov’s wife”, that is, I refers to it negatively, and her next step would be to contact law enforcement. So, when at this center understand that friends do not take trips there, they start a family “to alienate”. They don’t understand – so they are bad, such promise. And in return they’ll pick up the “new relatives”, – shared Lolita