Лолита вывезла мужа из страны, чтобы спасти от сектанских треннингов

Last week Lolita was told that now her family is going through hard times. In an effort to gain confidence and acquire leadership qualities, the husband of the singer Dmitry Ivanov became a student of personal growth trainings, which, according to singer, was a cult. Lolita said that in the short time that he has attended trainings, he has changed for the worse, became almost limp.

Lolita came to the conclusion that about any personal growth at these training sessions may not be out of the question, and this organization was created solely to siphon money from unsuspecting citizens.

Lolita come to save the faithful and to halt act as all the other people whose family members went down the same wrong path that Dmitry.

The singer took Ivanova in Bulgaria, where now restores his mental health.

“We’re here now, so Dima came to himself and just sighed, told IBA. — I continue on tour, dime — a job, he’s the coach. Very afraid that the people from this organization will continue to get it. Most importantly — I am happy that this problem was noticed that he responded to the deputies that initiated the inspection.”

Note that Lo threatened to punish the people responsible for the organization of such trainings. To help her in this matter has summoned the Deputy Elena Mizulina.

On 17 November, the Federation Council held a special round table, at which parliamentarians will discuss how to protect citizens from fraudulent activities of sectarian organizations. About this in his Twitter said the Senator Elena Mizulina.

“The discussion will bring together leading experts sectologists. The problem really becomes more serious and gets an unprecedented scale,” — said Mizulina.