Lolita told how to lose weight without dieting

Лолита рассказала, как похудела без диет

At his solo concert in “Crocus city Hall” the singer killed postroynevshaya figure.

Last weekend at the “Crocus city Hall” was held a solo concert of Lolita. Six years she did not sing in the capital, so that the audience has been waiting for – the hall was full. And when the singer appeared on stage in a very tight dress, everyone gasped, “How skinny!”

Lolita she gladly joked from the stage on this topic. “Call me after the concert my friends and relatives and be sure to tell that in the life of Lolita is not so fat like on the screen”, – advised viewers singer.

Yes, it’s true that television adds pounds to any person 10. But still, it seemed, Lolita Flirty, she looked very postroynevshaya. Woman’s Day decided to ask the singer directly, turn it to the concert or not.

“Everybody has asked me: “How you lost so much weight?!” Actually I did not specifically did. I just went to a regular endocrinologist and had blood drawn. The tests results showed that I have a broken metabolism, I got a prescription, I crossed the road and bought them at the pharmacy, that’s the whole secret, is told Lolita Woman’s Day. No grueling diets, my doctor Maria strongly against them. It generally does not attempt to lose weight, it is what establishes the body. And as an added bonus – the past normalizerbase pounds in the metabolism. I, by the way, many of his friends and colleagues advised me to do the same. And they are excited too – who 12, who lost 27 pounds!

By the way, I want to say a special “thank you” to the designer Galiya Akhmatova for two incredible dresses, given to me before the concert! I also did slim and noble!”

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