Lolita told about the peculiarities of his daughter and her husband trapped in a cult

Лолита поведала об особенностях дочери и муже, попавшем в секту The singer told on air of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi (“Russia 1”) about how saved and how the wife helped her daughter to overcome fears. Also Lolita has candidly described their experiences of treatment in a psychiatric hospital.
Лолита поведала об особенностях дочери и муже, попавшем в секту

Lolita is considered one of the brightest and most successful singers in Russia. In her speech, thousands of people visit. The singer told that he was afraid of oblivion after parting with her husband Alexander Tsekalo. As recognized by the IBA, many colleagues believed that she was a “downed pilot” that will not be able to continue pop career without his famous wife. A difficult divorce with great pleasure, not only affected the physical health of the actress, she weighed 52 pounds, but also the soul. Lolita passed the recovery rate in a psychiatric hospital.

“I was afraid to lose the marriage, and work. This was the start of these problems… And I ended up in a mental hospital, fortunately,” admitted Lo.

A close friend of the singer Arnold Spivakovsky, which the artist is still grateful, advised her of a competent psychiatrist.

Лолита поведала об особенностях дочери и муже, попавшем в секту“I was brought to the hospital. I didn’t eat anything, Arnold came, fed me with a spoon. I was very afraid that can end bad… But my self-preservation instinct is strong, always knew that. I just took a long time to get up, brains, heart, soul to guide in the right direction”.

Palladium quickly went on the amendment. She soon decided to resume concert activity and recorded some new songs. Lolita went to work in the education of the daughters of eve she helped her mother. The singer told about the girl. Palladium debunked rumors that her daughter is autistic. The artist candidly told with what difficulties the daughter faced in school.

“I would never make excuses that I’m a working mother! Eva hypertechnicality, but she adapts. Now she is in the 11th grade, she has a good old school teachers. But still there were cases… the Girls walked up to her and said, “You’re not so beautiful, Mama you dress, how beautiful!” My mom she then started to tear off tags from clothing, not to envy. She is now beginning to snap, this is cool! It says that it adapts to this society. I was very afraid that it might hurt,” shared Lo.

The actress also told that, today, is trying to spend more time with eve. The girl often stayed with mom in Moscow, and last husband of actress Dmitry Ivanov she even formed friendships.

At the same time Lolita was on a talk show shared how saved her husband. Dmitriy a few years ago a cult hit, the actress believes that little attention has been paid to the spouse.

“He went to the sect, and I have since the beginning more often interested in them where he was, how he was doing. But still somewhere there is a lack of attention, I often go on tour. Was very frightened when Dimka happened this situation. The sect engaged in courses of personal growth. I connected everyone else was. Because Dima is at the moment not heard me.”

Milavskaya managed to save her husband and marriage. In the final conversation, the artist admitted that today completely happy and ready to conquer new horizons.