Lolita told about the health of daughters of eve

Лолита рассказала о состоянии здоровья дочери Евы

Lolita – the active Internet user. She often shares with his fans pictures and personal stories. As you know, Lolita is a woman without complexes, and that’s it. Recently ex-member “of Cabaret Duo “Academy”” shared with your followers with information about his daughter. It was about the health of the 17-year-old eve. Palladium tried to put an end to the rumors and demanded an apology from those who consider her child to autism: “Never my daughter does not have autism! Some jerk posted Her name on the website children with this disease. Perhaps this was due to “hacks”, in an interview which, when Evie was little, I told of how some “doctors” wanting to breed for money, tried to give us a diagnosis. One of the great Russian scientists, Professor Petrukhin Andrey Sergeevich, specialist for autism, gave his opinion many years ago, and this spring, met we on vacation, reiterated that he was surprised to see eve in these lists! I expect an apology from channel 1 and all the others who in recent days have reported this stuff in the reports and articles”, — stated in the post Milavskaya.

The word Lolita has had success and after a couple of hours again on the page the information appeared that all who were guilty, brought her their apologies, including the First channel: “Many journalists have removed the material about the “diagnosis”. Thank you! And special Thanks to the management “the First channel” for talking on the phone and apologize!! I never doubted that in the main channel of the country Humanity was, is and will be!”.

All there on his page Lolita told regarding her eve and said that even though the girl and pulls in society, she gets along perfectly well without him giving much time to its interests: “My daughter Live, and she hasn’t started it in an adult. I wonder what kind of society It will be surround?.. I hope sane and developed. It is not glamoured because she’s not interested). She is the real glasses, books and a computer, the history of the theatre and circus. Here are the main preferences. She has no need to reach the society through social networks and I don’t really want. I thank all students, parents, Director and teacher of the usual (stress) of the Kiev school for what chased overlaid the entrance to the school of journalists with not the best intentions.. I worry about my family, because thousands of people of Kiev wrote in social networks that would be willing to come to my family for help if you need it!!! Thank you! I once again steadfast in the Faith that Normal People more, they understand everything about the current life and does not cease to sow the Good.. so the World Will be! In every sense!! Need to go through the Apocalypse, and together we can do it! Many brilliant autistics in the world. And maybe I should feel sorry that her daughter is not a Genius? Autistic does not react to the anger in society, he lives in a wonderful world of numbers, additions and subtractions, knowledge.. I am talking about the distinct forms. I have a normal child, not Einstein.. she can’t pull in society, it is older inside, and it’s already forgiveness and empathy. These are the qualities again, it will not give to genetics.. which is A pity, many would have wished to alter genetic code…”.