Лолита страдала от тяжелой зависимости после развода The singer took some time to illegal drugs. Lolita admits that parting with Alexander Tsekalo has been tough on her. She even ended up in hospital, where experienced psychiatrists helped her to cope with health problems.

Lolita has become the latest heroine of the program “Hello Andrew!”. The actress openly spoke about the reasons for his most provocative statements about the rules of Instagram. Separately, the singer stopped at the most difficult period of his life, after a divorce with Alexander Tsekalo, she developed serious health problems.

According to Lolita, she spent two months in a specialized clinic, where the specialists helped her to cope with depression.

“I had anemia, I went as a skeleton, skinny. Even the blood couldn’t take. Then I spent two months lay in a hospital bed. We talked a lot with my treating physician of souls, was also and Wellness treatments. Yes, I had drug addiction in those periods, but very short. It wasn’t even a relationship. Somewhere in the 40 I started, 41 finished and nothing similar to what is not touched. Thank God I wasn’t near people who have introduced me to other varieties of medicines”, – said Lolita.

Now the star is trying not to think about how difficult and crucial moment of his life. She’s perfectly happy with her husband Dmitry. Recently, the couple celebrated eight years of marriage. According to Lolita, in her life there is no place for illicit drugs, and even alcohol she consumes rare.

Despite a busy touring schedule, IBA tries to spend all free time with her husband. According to singer, her chosen one has a hard time, because he lives with a popular actress.

“A lot of times, somebody was rude at concerts or just calling and start to bring any claims. You walk through the apartment, indignant and parallel yelling at her husband. Sometimes I think that my husband would just pack their bags and leave, but he’s hanging in there,” – said Lolita.

Guests of the program were many star friends of the artist. They confirmed that Palladium is incredibly kind, open person. She always tries to help people in distress.

Lolita herself does not deny that often faces harsh criticism. However, she had not pay attention to the haters. Sometimes the singer even writes a funny video dedicated detractors. According to the IBA, she is absolutely not shy about her appearance and feels organically alongside the young husband.