Lolita spoke about the aggression of the spouse

Лолита заговорила об агрессии супруга The singer explained how the sect cheated on her husband. Some time ago Dmitry Ivanov enrolled in personal growth that have weighed heavily on his psyche and behavior. Milavskaya managed not only to get the favorite elect of this organization, but also to draw public attention to the problem.

      The lolita was able to pull her husband Dmitry Ivanov’s sect, which has positioned itself as a place where people are helped to achieve personal growth and career success. According to the artist, the husband landed there by accident, and she at first didn’t even realized the full extent of what happened. Dmitry faced with the crisis of middle age, and he was diagnosed with throat problem. This situation seriously undermined the emotional state of men, and he, as it seemed, found the help on the courses.

      “Behavior changed, there was an unnatural gleam in his eyes, uncharacteristic for him as adrenaline. If I didn’t know her husband, would have thought that he began something to eat. But since Dima does not tolerate even the tobacco smoke and do not drink for colds medicines, these things were eliminated,” – said Lolita.

      Since the star’s been up to on tour, it was difficult for her to understand how serious this is. Participants in these trainings are influenced NLP techniques, hypnosis, as well as their coaches try to influence their psyche in other ways. For example, men forced to wear women’s clothes and go out like that in a public place. After a few sessions, Dmitry began to behave rudely towards his wife.

      “The husband after the training some time was just zombicheskogo state, then more aggressive. Never heard from him of rudeness, but here a few notes sounded,” – said the IBA.

      Thanks to the help of psychologists, Dmitry managed to gradually recover, in particular, to his returned appetite, and sleep, with what the problem was. According to Lolita, she feared for the mind of the elect. Now all that is behind me. The husband of the actress once again goes to work, and his behavior is not worrisome. Palladium decided to contribute to the closure of such centers in Russia and appealed to the relevant authorities. The woman said that organizations such destructive influence on the psyche of people.

      “I hope that in the coming year, for a shorter period do not count in our legislation will also be amended because of this, our upper chamber was really serious. A huge thank you personally, Senator Elena Mizulina,” – said the singer