Lolita spoils the daughter with designer outfits

Лолита Милявская балует дочь дизайнерскими нарядами Mom gave eve a chic dress to the prom. Herself Lolita miss my daughter’s party because she can’t come to Ukraine. Nevertheless, she tried to make her daughter looked amazing on the evening.

This year, the daughter of Lolita Milavskaya Eva finishes school. The girl is in Ukraine, where he lives with his grandmother. However, the singer can not get to my daughter’s party as she denied entry to Russia’s neighboring country.

The actress laments that do not support the child at a crucial moment and enjoy the evening. “My mother at the age of 75 will not be able to live from holiday eve, it is difficult to explain how to do it”, – said Lolita.

The actress wants her daughter looked brightly at the prom, so during a recent visit girls house and the mother went shopping with her.

“Eve with my grandmother recently came to me in Moscow, and I bought an amazing suit from Valentino, shoes with pebbles. At the same time and bought shoes just I’ve been in shops did not leave. Now at least I know how the daughter is dressed. Asked my grandmother to make her a nice hairstyle,” shared Lo to reporters.

Palladium does not hurry with the daughter of the admission to higher educational institution. According to star, Eva has to understand what she likes the most. Lolita sees that the girl easily to foreign languages.

“Eve has a penchant for languages, she speaks English, German. Want to become a translator of literary, technical, whatever. But I know for sure that in Ukraine it will not learn. And in London will not go – there drugs, and the Prince married, my there is nothing to do. And about Russia while I think,” admitted Palladium.

According to Lolita, her daughter is absolutely not a troubled kid. She does not disappoint loved ones daring behavior or unexpected antics. “I have a daughter that when I once scolded, upset: “Mom, say thank you even though I don’t drink or smoke. It’s another time, another generation. Eve is very modest. I even ask her permission to publish photos in social networks,” said the singer.

In an interview with reporters Lolita said that eve will teach Russian language, as long as she is better at communicating in Ukrainian. The pop star has already picked up the girl teachers.