Лолита высмеяла блогера Лену Миро за агрессивную критику
Jumpsuit by the popular singer has become an Internet hit.

My favorite photoshopped pics))!!?? I urge all women are not size 0, for once to please herself with a smile !??

A post shared by Lolita (@lolitamilyavskaya) on Aug 1, 2017 at 3:13am PDT

Seem extravagant jumpsuit Lolita Milavskaya,
in which she made a splash at the recital of Grigory Leps at the festival “Heat”,
deserves every right to be called a major fashion hit this summer.
Yesterday, the users of the Network actively discussed the concert clothes Lolita like
she came on the scene and even without it. The artist responded to that hit
criticism with a signature sense of humor: Palladium began to publish in
microblogging “fotoebi”, which filled the Internet space. Besides,
comments left not only a anonymous well-wishers, but also those who supported
the star and praised her ability to laugh at themselves. Alas, those who felt that
has the right to condemn a popular singer and to decide how they want to dress, and how not,
turned out to be more. Didn’t have to doubt that their ranks will be headed by well-known
blogger Lena Miro: her calling card has always been tough and aggressive
criticism against anyone, from grandmothers at the entrance to the first stars

“Answer my question: why fat, age
women are drawn to show their ugly bodies? Recently Lolita appeared
in public in the costume “I’m a freak”. Why did she do it? For the sake of PR? Though
to attract all of the lost — focus? Well, let’s say, drew,” wrote
Miró in his “live journal”.

Lena Miro

Photo: Instagram

Lolita’s reaction was instantaneous and, as always,

“Of course, is a tragedy. A great tragedy in my
life. But what to do? She’s from the country I’m from the province. She wants to live in
Moscow, well, let him live his health. Dear Helen, thank you
from a forgotten and useless singer you’ve made me popular. I’m happy —
turned to Miro Lolita. — Maybe you have higher education, but lexiconic
it is very scarce and is repeated. I’m on the Internet found your blogs, one is enough
see below to understand what you represent. In General, thin — they
very angry. We, plump, all married and we have sex. Apparently,
you have not been. Because a woman who has sex and favorite
the man carries her on his hands, not allows itself to attacks on prominent people — my colleagues and, in particular, Alla”.