Lolita responded to rumors about daughter’s diagnosis

Лолита Милявская ответила на слухи о диагнозе дочки
Last weekend everyone was shocked by the news that the lolita banned to enter Ukraine for three years.

Лолита Милявская ответила на слухи о диагнозе дочки

In the end, the singer could not see his mother and daughter, who was waiting for the arrival of mom.

This situation has caused a wide resonance. As a result, in the Internet appeared the information that the daughter of eve the singer is sick with autism.

Lolita hastened to refute this information, being indignant with such speculation.

“My daughter live, and it has not started this in an adult… She’s not “Glasurit” because she’s not interested. She is a true bespectacled books and the computer, history of theater and circus. Here are the main preferences. She has no need to reach the society through social networks, and I don’t really want… I Have a normal child, not Einstein. She can’t pull in society, it is older inside, and it’s already forgiveness and empathy. These are the qualities again, it will not give genetics” – said the star.

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