Lolita remembered how Tsekalo almost killed

Лолита вспомнила, как Цекало чуть не убили The singer spoke about a former husband and remembered how once Alexander Tsekalo is in trouble. Shocking details the actress shared in a candid interview with
Лолита вспомнила, как Цекало чуть не убили

Alexander Tsekalo was the third husband of the singer Lolita Milavskaya. The couple lived together for 12 years, together organized a cabaret-duet “Academy” which brought both popularity. Officially, they got married after ten years together and two years later, in 2000 I broke up.

The singer rarely a kind word remembers ex-husband. She said that he is not helping her daughter eve came when Lolita and Alexander were still together, and generally trying less to mention the name of the place. But sometimes Palladium confessed. For example, she shared memories of the ‘ 90s, when they with Alexander only began their bumpy ride in show business. It turned out, the artists had to deal with “racketeering”, and Tsekalo was nearly shot.

“There was a Bob-bandit in the days of the cabaret Duo “Academy”. And Sasha Tsekalo was forced to go to his “arrow”. I left home, I was very worried. And the gunman took a 6-year-old son. Sasha was holding at gunpoint, and he was showing the child, “Look, grow up – will be a nightmare of the artist.” I must admit that for us to defend other criminals who said that it was improper to take money from artists who work for”, – said the singer in an interview.

Lolita for almost eight years, married for the fifth time. Her husband – coach for the game of squash Dmitry Ivanov. She said she’s very happy. Her daughter is graduating from high school in Kiev, where he lives with his grandmother, mother Milavskaya. Lolita works hard, touring, recording new songs that become hits.

Tsekalo and happy marriage with the sister of Vera Brezhneva – Victoria, in the Union of the producer were born three children.

From time to time the name Lolita again glimpsed in the scandalous chronicle. Then she admits that she suffered from a severe addiction and took illegal drugs, then dramatically levelled at colleagues, then with their outfits shocking the audience.

Lolita in transparent tights ridiculed by making the heroine fotozhab

So, in February of this year, the Palladium suspected former producer of group “Tatu” Elena Kiper, which he regarded as his girlfriend, in the fraud. The singer claims that the Keeper resell rights to record companies, “not reporting and not paying the agreed interest,” also, now some of the songs Lolita she doesn’t belong. “After talking with some writers whose songs she was selling me like his works, it became clear that here her honesty left much to be desired. I honestly offered to leave peacefully. But Elena didn’t want to. So all my claims I will make in court. Sorry that you have to spend time on something that will have to reclaim my own property,” – said Lolita