Lolita miss prom “special” daughter

Лолита Милявская пропустит выпускной «особенной» дочки
The singer is suffering because of the events in her life.

Lolita shared her experiences: her daughter eve will soon be held prom, famous singer miss. The artist finds no place due to the fact that you will not be able to share with 19-year-old eve celebration graduation. Due to problems with the entry to their home country, Lolita will be able to see her in a prom outfit just for photos.

“Today, my beloved daughter was rehearsal for graduation! I can only receive photos and videos, how it will happen. How sorry I am! My beloved, I’m still around! Though tears are falling…” — is Palladium. Singer friends and colleagues. “A hard test. Hold on!” — write lolita.

Daughter of the singer, born with some developmental disabilities grows to be a very talented child. Eve had inherited from his mother a love of singing, and enjoys learning foreign languages. Recently, Lolita told me that her daughter — polyglot. She can easily communicate in three foreign languages: English, German and French.

Last time Lo was met with Eva on vacation in April, when my daughter arrived to mom in guests. In the absence of a mother, educated by her grandparents.

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