Lolita miss prom daughter

Лолита пропустит выпускной дочери
Next year will be a graduation for the daughter of popular singer Lolita Milavskaya.

Лолита пропустит выпускной дочери

Eva lives in Kiev with her grandmother and learns it in school in the 10th grade.

Due to the recent ban on entry to Ukraine for three years, the singer will not be able to attend the graduation of his daughter.

Despite the fact that Lolita is very worried because of this, she believes that my daughter should be transported to Russia as responsible for eve’s moment.

“She left the last class in the school, and to transfer it to another for a year before graduating impractical. Very sorry that because of the ban I will no longer be able to attend her prom. And nothing will break. I have two homelands – Ukraine, where I grew up and I never betray, and Russia, in which I succeeded as an artist and that is honored for its culture,” he told the star.

I hope that by the time of the EA, the situation is somehow resolved.

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