Lolita Milyavskaya the suspect in the desire to crack down on a neighbor

Лолиту Милявскую заподозрили в желании расправиться над соседом As it became known to journalists, the famous singer had to testify. Unhappy man, living together with her in a luxury complex in Bourgas, called the police, claiming that a celebrity wants to settle the score.
Лолиту Милявскую заподозрили в желании расправиться над соседом

Singer Lolita Milyavskaya was at the center of trouble. A celebrity complained to the police. The applicant was made by the neighbor of the performer at home in Bulgaria.

The man claimed that Lolita and her husband Dmitry Ivanov plotted evil against him. In this regard, the pair allegedly took off from Moscow to Bourgas, wanting to put its plans into life.

Law enforcement officers started to check the appeal dissatisfied with the behavior of Lolita and contacted her, wanting to get an explanation of the situation. The singer has denied the charges in its address. IBA stated that it did not want to deal with a neighbor. According to the artist, the applicant often behaves inappropriately and ill fame of him goes throughout the residential complex. People think the man is highly complicated and prone to quarrels.

After reviewing the testimony of Lolita, the police decided to stop the investigation. Neighbor celebrity refused to initiate criminal proceedings.

“We wrote my husband a letter of explanation. Authorities, i.e. the police, also confirmed that he was obviously insane, what he really needs treatment. He calls and says that I have ordered his murder, on other neighbors he called to other places and say other things. We have a lot recorded on video. He really needs treatment,” shared the star with journalists.

Lolita often stops in Bulgaria. So star bought the apartment in residential complex near Bourgas. Lolita was very happy with my purchase and said it was the best investment. Three bedrooms and a 20-metre balcony cost Milavskaya 220 thousand euros. A few years ago, the singer’s apartment was robbed. The attackers stole the singer five thousand euros.

In an interview the actress said that they decided to make an investment, after seeing an ad at the airport. Then Lolita has shared her thoughts with Philip Kirkorov. At first the king of pop was skeptical about the plans of colleagues in show business, but soon after he bought some real estate.

Lolita often stops in the Bulgarian apartment with her daughter eve. The heiress celebrities like to spend time abroad. She enjoyed sunbathing under the bright sun and bathes in the sea. By the way, this year’s eve doing the last exams at school. The singer will not be able to attend prom girl, as she is not allowed to cross the Ukrainian border. However, Lolita is not upset. Palladium gained Eva’s chic suit from the famous brand shoes with stones. The star is already looking forward to when she goes to the dance with classmates.

The story of the grumpy neighbor added lo a lot of trouble. The star told the radio station “Moscow speaking” that is going to write a counter-statement on the man. The singer was supported by other residents of the complex.