Lolita in transparent tights ridiculed by making the heroine fotozhab

Лолиту в прозрачном трико высмеяли, сделав героиней фотожаб The singer, who stripped down during a performance at the festival “Heat” that triggered the emergence of a large number of memes. Social media users were amazed by the spectacular performance of the star. Herself Lolita with humor reacted to folk art.
Лолиту в прозрачном трико высмеяли, сделав героиней фотожаб

In Baku ended in the festival of “Heat”, which featured many stars of the Russian show business. One of the main characters of the closing of the Grand event was the 53-year-old Lolita. The singer took to the stage during the recitals of Grigory Leps.

The actress impressed the public by playing the song “Titanic”. In the climax of the performance, the celebrity suddenly threw off a large cloak, remaining in the “naked” suit, decorated with ethnic patterns. Under him the star wore a black bodysuit with a provocative neckline, which enhanced her curvy shape.

Many social media users were impressed with the room Lolita. They were actively discussing the outfit of the actress made no secret of the advantages of her figure, and made memes dedicated to the release of the star on stage. So who’s the singer in a jumpsuit reminiscent of the animated movie “Moana”. Others decided that Lolita has copied the style of the Queen of R’n’b Beyonce. Others remembered the famous novel by Nabokov.

While some heavily criticized too, in their opinion, an outright image of Palladium, its defenders, on the contrary, admired the courage of the star.

“Nabokov is not a cake”, “Why is everyone so judging her? As for me, so it all goes well with the figure. Good”, “That’s a tough provocation”, “Undying”, “Lolita is healthy man”, “the Mood: Lolita”, “a Beautiful woman in all weight categories” – discussed in the Network.

The singer with humor reacted to numerous fotoalbum. Lolita repostnula image, which it likened to the cartoon character.

“I urge all women are not size zero for once happy smile!” – shared celebrity.

Fans of the Palladium supported her in the comments of the post. They found that the star always looks great, and expressed her appreciation for the ability to laugh at themselves. “For this you love”, “Love”, “I Support you”, “the Beauty of it. Real”, But “natural”, “humor”, “Love, respect and appreciate the talent Lolita”, “You are gorgeous”, “Class, it is better to laugh than to shout that there is urine”, “Unique”, wrote the followers of the artist.

After some time, Lolita has posted another photo. In the picture, which appeared on Instagram of the star, its curvy shape adjusted using a graphical editor. “But what is your favorite photoshop”, – said the singer.

By the way, during the festival, “Heat,” Russian pop star met with a foreign artist. Lolita had a great time in the company of soloist Rammstein till Lindemann. The man, who was the special guest of the event, willingly doing a selfie with the singer and other figures of show business.