Lolita in shock after the beating her mom

Лолита в шоке после избиения её мамы
The mother of the singer began the hunt.


Photo: @Instagram lolitamilyavskaya Lolita

The other day mom Lolita was brutally attacked. According to the singer, she was beaten when she and her granddaughter were returning home from school. Cousin of the actress struck some blows. What had happened Lolita says with horror.

“The mother kept the child from school at five o’clock. Walked and talked with my daughter. The back was a resounding hit. Mom fell, was still kicking. It does not take any purse or other things…” said Lolita reporters of NTV. After the incident, she hired my family security, as fears of repeated attacks.

Recall that a week ago, lolita was not allowed in the country where they live now her family, including only daughter. By the way, after the scandal erupted, the singer for the first time commented on the state of health of eve. As it turned out, the girl should not have attributed the diagnosis of autism.

“Never my daughters don’t have autism! Some jerk posted her name on the website children with this disease. Perhaps this was due to “hacks”, in an interview which, when Evie was little, I told of how some “doctors” wanting to breed for money, tried to give us a diagnosis. One of the great Russian scientists, Professor Petrukhin Andrey Sergeevich, specialist for autism, gave his opinion many years ago, and this spring, met we on vacation, reiterated that he was surprised to see eve in those lists!” — said Lolita.