Lolita in Rostov gave me a cartoon and he dedicated the poems

Лолите в Ростове подарили шарж и посвятили стихи

A longtime fan tried!

23-year-old ambulance paramedic from Krasnodar do not miss a single concert of your favorite artist.

— I went on stage and gave lo the flowers, brooch, Indian jewelry box, cartoon, and a poem that he had composed myself, said Edward Sinkov. — On the first concert of stars I got in 2012, she hugged me then and said, “This boy I’d adopt!” Since then we communicate via e-mail. Sometimes, I ask any advice, and she says to me. The most important advice, which gave me Lolita: “Love yourself!”

The last concert of Lolita I prepared thoroughly. The cartoon was drawn by my girlfriend Maria. The brooch, which I gave, is not the first. Once I handed lo the decoration at the concert in Kharkov, and after she wore it in one episode of the show “factor a” – it was such a pleasure!

When I see lolita, I feel a kindred spirit. She is close to me internally as a free man. Singer and has taught me that, and I felt better in my life, I ceased to dwell on details. I love and respect her for sincerity, simplicity and frankness.

A Poem By Edward:

Lola Lolochka, Lolita!

You’ve always been like this:

Bright, sincere, beautiful,

Outrageous and alive!

Taught, told,

How we need life to love!

As we are in difficult times

All to send it into oblivion!

You, like an angel suddenly descended,

You gave your soul to all!

The energy you gave,

And now no problems.

I’ll tell you “thank you”,

You know, Lola, Ty,

You’re my fetish you’re my angel, you caught me.

I’ll be even happier if I see you!

And whether you’re always happy.

Lola, I love you!

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