Лолиту хотят засудить за претензии к экс-продюсеру «Тату» The artist continues to fight for their rights. In the video she stated that she received a complaint from the lawyer of Elena Kiper with the requirement to remove any offensive statements against the defendant. Earlier, the singer demanded that the songwriter six million rubles.

Lolita continues to investigate the situation with cheating songwriter Elena Kiper. According to star, she was underpaid for the performance of the most famous songs “Orientation the North” and “On the Titanic. Artist unflattering expressed in the address of a songwriter, so legal representatives Kiper thinking about how to sue the singer.

“Only that I got the claim from the lawyer of Elena Kiper. It requires a remove from social networks my statement. A more brazen creature I ever saw,” said Lolita in a video posted on the microblog.

The singer wants to recover from the Keeper six million rubles. Five years ago, they signed a contract with the producer on the copyright management and disposal of fate compositions. According to the artist, the deal was a disadvantage: she only got one and a half million rubles for three years.

“According to the document that we have, Lolita large amount less. A number of works of Lolita did not sign a contract, but the rights somehow went to Elena Kiper and several others. Now we deal with it, but still a Keeper lolita sends threatening letters about how she needs to apologize for some words, now is the escalation of the conflict”, – explained the situation to the Lolita lawyer Sergei Zhorin.

Legal representative Elena Kiper Victor Pasternak was outraged by the movie of Lolita, which she posted on the social network. “Having the right provided by Lolita, the company Elena Kiper ordered them, providing for subdistribution, sublicensing to its partners. When we face a situation when someone on the Internet someone in something to accuse, but it does not go to court, although threatening, we can make the assumption that this is done only for the sake of publicity,” the lawyer said the producer.

As reported by REN-TV, sometimes celebrities do not read the part of the contract, which is written in small print. Elena Kiper lives in the moment abroad, so her interests are represented by a lawyer. Zhorin commented on the developments in microbilogy.

“Planned new judicial mess. Did everything to avoid public conflict, but alas… Gone,” wrote the lawyer, laying out snapshots with Lolita.