Lolita have planned my cremation

Лолита Милявская запланировала свою кремацию

Lolita is still full of strength and energy, but still decided to play safe and to formalize his last will in the form of a will. The singer wants her body after death was cremated and the ashes scattered in three places.

At 53, the actress can boast of only his successful career but no titles and regalia it has. But lolita is a little sad, she believes that all the titles give the prerogative to the funeral. Because the cemetery Vagankovsky crowded, and crowded it lie does not wish, in his will, she insists on cremation. Ashes Lolita executors should dispel in three places, but where the Palladium does not speak, and she’s got her reasons.
“The will I wrote that after cremation, my ashes should be scattered. To dispel in three places. Won’t say where so as not to hear and not have spoiled. And that’s how I blurted out this, and then saw one actor in there urinating” said Lolita in the program “One day” on NTV presenter Sergey Mayorov.