Lolita have added fat from the chin on the lips

Лолита закачала жир из подбородка в губы For the beauty of the famous singer went to many victims. Lolita openly talked about anti-aging injections, blepharoplasty and other surgeries that she had to endure. In addition, she explained, in what case will never go under the surgeon’s knife.

      Лолита закачала жир из подбородка в губы

      Unlike many colleagues on the stage, carefully trying to hide his true age, Lolita loudly declares that she is 52 years old. The famous singer does not hide from the public the date of his birth. She, on the contrary, believes that it is necessary to be able to make any. And in order to like myself in the mirror, Lolita is not afraid to enlist the help of experts.

      “For the first time some shots similar to Botox (don’t remember the name), I did in 42 years. I go to my wonderful beautician Ana, who taunts me than a face, so I’m left with the facial expressions. For me as a artist facial expression is insanely important, says the star. – Yes, I’m alive, I have wrinkles, but with the injections without overdoing, doing exactly what I need.”

      In addition to cosmetic procedures Lo use and more “heavy artillery” in the fight for beauty. So, the singer has undergone an operation to correct the shape of the eyelids. This procedure is called blephaplasty. And it’s not the only time when the actress went under the knife of a plastic surgeon.

      “Seven years ago did blepharoplasty. Then I drained the fat from the chin and inserted it in the lips. My fat. Nothing artificial I didn’t inject into yourself. I love myself, but I’m afraid of injections, says Lolita. I have resorted to serious cosmetic or surgical procedures, if I feel uncomfortable. Here I was uncomfortable with hernias for centuries, and I removed them. We even started with my makeup artist to spend less time on makeup! Before the make-up took half an hour, now 30 minutes”.

      But the sacrifice star not ready to go for a spectacular appearance is breast augmentation. The singer is afraid of the negative consequences of such surgery. Lolita is not worried that her bust is not as elastic as before. She believes that properly selected bra can solve this problem. In addition, the artist is not ready to augment the lips with the help of artificial materials.

      “My husband is about those lips say, “Woman-fish”. I personally don’t want to be “female bass” because I look at them and think that these ladies came from one workshop. Papa Carlo was oestrogel all one axe,” concluded the star in an interview “”.

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