Lolita had to part with her husband

Лолите пришлось расстаться с мужем
The singer has shared her experiences with fans.

Lolita with her husband Dmitry

Photo: @Instagram lolitamilyavskaya Lolita

Lolita hard going through separation from her beloved husband, Dmitry Ivanov. To part for a while with her husband the singer was forced to tour performances. The singer for some time, because of the constant travel, did not see his betrothed, and very beat up over it.

Your emotions Lolita decided to share with fans and published a picture of Dimitri with their homemade cat in her arms. Judging by the signature, the singer much missed husband, but it encourages the fact that soon she will return home to “make his fortune”.

Incidentally, Lolita, finished shooting her new video for the already hit song “On the Titanic”. As admitted the singer, it is certain that the video turned out special. “The clip will be extraordinary.. this is a small movie for the song “Titanic”.. Leon came up with it about You.. and I Hope that in a month will be able to say: “Nice view!” PS the shooting took place in the oldest factory, which makes the ships “Lenin’s smithy” (blacksmith). Where I used to truant from school!” — said Lolita. By the way, is this song the artist sang not so long ago in the Moscow subway. Lolita went down there in support of the campaign called “music in the metro”.