Lolita found his lost brother

Лолита Милявская нашла своего потерянного брата
The singer was found with a relative after the concert in Kurgan.

Photo: Instagram

Lolita Milyavskaya was born into a creative family and was the only child of his parents. Maybe she would have a brother or sister, but my parents divorced when Lola was 10 years old, and she was in the fourth grade. The father emigrated to Israel, and my mother didn’t want to.

All these not very bright for a teenager, the events did not prevent the girl to dream about the older brother who cared about her and became a real friend. Years changed little. Despite the fact that the Palladium 54, she still periodically thought how nice it would be to have a brother. One, however, a cousin she has. His name is Sergei, but he lives in Holland.

The happier she was to learn from came to her after a concert men in Barrow that he is her brother. However, second cousins, but what does it matter when you have a dream?

“Hooray, I have found a brother! — shared the singer with her joy. His name is Sasha, and he lives in the Mound! I love you.”

Fans of Lola noticed that the star even a little like his newfound brother. “Especially with the eyes!”, “It’s obvious: relatives!” — wrote many fans of the Palladium in the social network under their joint photo. Some, however, questioned the relationship of Alexander and Lolita, they say, because anyone can introduce a relative star. Apparently, the brother of the singer gave her some irrefutable proof that he really belongs to her family.