Lolita drew the attention of the morality police

Lolita drew the attention of the morality police Presentation clip of the singer with black rapper N’pans attracted criticism. Lolita showed to the public a sensational Frank work, which is riddled with erotica.

      Lolita drew the attention of the morality police

      Lolita has once again proved itself as a “woman without complexes”. In the capital club “Archive 13” it was very shocking, sexy image, earring, fancy hat on a chain to the nose. This outfit she chose for a reason. She presented joint work with Frank team N’pans & L. A. V. Retro on a new variation of the song “Anatomy”.

      Guests of the event were very interesting to look at a sensational clip. Present in the press club prepared to sensation. In a hall the Apple had no place to fall. Throughout the evening praised Lolita young rappers who were able to refresh previously known track “Anatomy” with an addition of hip-hop.

      Among the guests was Angelica, Arrows, a group of Mayakovsky, the group Plazma, Hope Granovskaya, Sergey Ashihmin (group Yin-Yang), Vitaly Abdulov, Bucataru, EDGAR, Marie Krimpery. After watching the video N’pans & L. A. V. Retro delighted guests with his performance, and the presenter played several prizes from the club and the network of fitness studios Fitbox.

      “The clip is a little story that the artist should not only play, but to live it, so to achieve the greatest accuracy possible, for an authentic reaction in the frame, we try to create another, parallel reality, searched for interesting places where artists will be easier to log in as. Therefore locations – quest Friday the 13th, the most terrifying crannies of Peter, lofts Berlin. In this case, the clip detective with an ironic-erotic moments” – described his musical work directed and produced by Elena Kiper.

      The event was held in a positive manner, but not without harsh criticism from the Public Fund relative to permissible censorship for the production of this work. While the company “Elena Kiper publishing & Production” is dealing with these issues, the clip is not in the public domain, but as soon as things are resolved, the clip will appear on all Internet sites and TV channels.

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