Lolita did not tolerate criticism

Лолита не стала терпеть критику в свой адрес
The recent release of Lolita the site on the festival stage “Heat” in a transparent body caused a lot of noise.

Лолита не стала терпеть критику в свой адрес

Also on this occasion could not speak to the blogger Lena Miro.

“Answer my question: why fat age women are so drawn to show their ugly bodies? Recently Lolita appeared in public in costume “I’m a freak”. Why did she do it? For the sake of PR? To somehow attract all of the lost – focus? Well, let’s say, drew,” – says Lena.

Лолита не стала терпеть критику в свой адрес

Lolita decided not to remain silent on such a harsh criticism and wrote back post.

“You think I’m doing? I try to position myself “In the coffin”, because the other option I have, only to die and all. Everything is quite simple.

Of course, it is a tragedy. A great tragedy in my life. But what to do? She’s from the country I’m from the province. She wants to live in Moscow, well, let him live his health. Dear Helen, thank you for the forgotten and useless singer you’ve made me popular. I’m happy,” – said the IBA.

Lolita admires his attitude to different situations, it applies to everything with humor, which certainly deserves praise.

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