Lolita complained of serious ailment

Лолита пожаловалась на серьезное недомогание The singer flew to America, however, barely landed in new York IRCA, the actress felt unwell and decided to buy their own medicines. The singer is suffering from pressure differences., so sometimes she needs to drink a special medication.

Because of the constant flights of Lolita began to suffer from pressure drops. The actress always carries a first aid kit, which has all the necessary medicines.

However, this time, on arriving in the States, the singer had forgotten the blood pressure pills and decided to buy them in one of the American pharmacies. The pharmacist refused the singer and asked to bring a prescription from your doctor.

“The pressure sharashit scary. Went to the pharmacy to ask for pills, they say, will sell only if the doctor will write a prescription. I’ll shoot the musicians!” told Lolita to journalists.

In new York, the singer was given a tour of the local sights, went shopping and to museums. The artist decided to visit the city before Christmas.

On his adventures the artist wrote in the Network. “We could not commemorate great in many ways, women Marilyn Monroe!” commented frame with the image of the great actress, the singer.

Lolita keeps fans in the know. In the winter of this year the singer underwent several complicated operations on the face.

According to the artist, she decided to contact his longtime friend Andrew Iskornev. The plastic surgeon had a special lift. Lolita quickly went on the amendment, and much has changed.

“I have changed my chin. Of course, to attract the attention of the audience can say that I did it for my husband. Actually, I decided on the transformation for the operators that became inconvenient to remove my profile. Now I can shoot from all sides. I, first, ‘ 53, and, secondly, the muscles fall off the singing alive… Plastic surgeon and my great friend Andrew iskornev called me a month before the New year and said “Listen, Palladium, climbs. Climbs into the air. Let’s cut it,” said Lolita the public.

Overall, the trip to the United States made a positive impression on the star. However, she noted that living in a city is very expensive. “In America all the rich, new York- beautiful, clean, clean. Three years ago, was neglected. Probably, the mayor was replaced. The prices are rather big. It is unclear who walks in the store, they’re all empty. At seven in the morning I went for a walk around Manhattan and saw a set of the famous tree – she was in the movies “home Alone”. It’s real and very strong smell!” – shared the singer with the journalists of the newspaper “Interlocutor”.