Лолита Милявская встала на защиту беременной Светланы Лободы The singer condemned the behavior of haters colleagues, who criticised the blonde for the overly blatant way. According to haters, the woman is expecting a child ought not to wear seductive outfits. Lolita called angry to calm down.
Лолита Милявская встала на защиту беременной Светланы Лободы

Last weekend, Svetlana Loboda has confirmed that it expects a second child. The singer temporarily goes on vacation to prepare for the birth of the baby. To get back to work celebrity plans in June.

Many fans and celebrity friends of Svetlana congratulated her on the upcoming replenishment in the family. Among those who left the actress warm wishes, was her longtime good friend Lolita.

Лолита Милявская встала на защиту беременной Светланы Лободы“Congratulations again! They baby-sit?” she wrote on the social networks.

Svetlana Loboda thanked the friend and the colleague on shop. “My house is your house. You know,” said the artist.

At the same time, some social media users were quick to condemn her for too much, in their opinion, the daring. Being in an interesting position, the actress attended the music awards in a transparent dress wearing bodysuit Nude. Candid outfit emphasized all the advantages of the star’s shape. Evaluating the way Loboda, the spiteful critics do not skimp on criticism. They told the blonde to choose a closed garment.

Lolita familiarized with the comments of detractors Svetlana and hurried to stop such discussions. The actress came to the defense of Loboda. “I won’t let anyone hurt my friends,” said Lolita. IBA admitted that he did not expect such a reaction from the public. “Don’t look at it! Tired of reading bad things about a friend,” said Hayter famous.

Лолита Милявская встала на защиту беременной Светланы Лободы

According to unconfirmed reports, the father of the child Svetlana Loboda is a soloist of the Rammstein till Lindemann. Reading the news about the pregnancy of girlfriend Network, Lolita was very discouraged. The actress was quick to comment on the situation on Instagram.

Svetlana Loboda hides the father of the unborn child from parents

“I stand and look at a jar of caviar, and I think: I have the caviar doesn’t need me she is not going to help. Spawn is not for me. Light. you’re my friend. But tell me, why I found out about the fact that you’re already on the seventh month, and even from beloved man — Tilla! only from the tabloids?! I’m sorry, but, apparently, eggs have to eat I can’t get pregnant, but at least the squirrels will be OK,” joked Lolita.

Recall that Palladium and Loboda friends for nearly nine years. The actress became friends after she performed at the Eurovision song contest in 2009. Seeing the number of talented singer, Lolita hastened to reach her. The actress praised Loboda and gave her professional advice. In recognition of Svetlana, the peers she really helped.