Lolita asks Russians 10 million

Лолита попросит у россиян 10 миллионов Closer to the summer, the artist plans to launch a charitable campaign. It will help low-income families whose homes need improvement. Thus Lolita wants to fight ineffective, in her view, the charges for the repair.

      Лолита попросит у россиян 10 миллионов

      Lolita, which for a long time “fighting” with utilities, plans to organize a charity event aimed at repairing the homes of low-income families. The artist would like to help those who for whatever reason can not make major repairs to their homes.

      The singer claims that she will open a Bank account and ask a million residents of Russia to transfer to him 10 rubles. Thus, the Lo will get 10 million. The artist will send them to help the needy families with many children or low income families. Anyone who says a singer can write her to tell her about their problems. IBA, in turn, undertakes to support such people financially, having transferred them the funds. The singer also said that her campaign will be of a public nature — she is going to talk openly about their charitable activities.

      Recall that the TV presenter and singer Lolita has repeatedly spoken out against charges for the repair. The artist herself refuses to pay this tax. According to the woman, this tax is more like a Scam. After all, says Lolita, major repairs are often planned many years later after it becomes aware of. And thus, the tenants may not live up to the moment of its restoration. “My house on Taganka is listed for repair on 2035-2042, I don’t think in these years I’ll watch repaired,” wrote Lolita on his page in the social network “Facebook”. She also called this tax “bloated”.

      In addition, IBA had several times legal proceedings with housing and communal services. All I remember was more than eight vessels, and it does not stop the disassembly. Last year, for example, fought with the HOA, demanding to recognize the election of its President in his home illegal. As a result of elections, it is the financial Director of “torpedo”. On account of the club — debts for the sum about 200 million roubles. The singer is sure that the Manager who of debt, whether can be competent managers in the HOA. However, the court did not satisfy the requirements of the singer, as the utility was able to prove the legitimacy of the election.

      Regarding the date of the start of the charity project, then most likely it will happen closer to the summer, told Lolita

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