Лолита гневно прокомментировала беременность Лободы
The actress was offended by his nearest friend.

Svetlana Loboda and Lolita

Photo: Instagram

Lolita, which has always been “party Central” and everyone knew
gossip and news first, sincerely surprised, having learned of the pregnancy of his
her closest friend, Svetlana Loboda from the press, and not from her. Presumably,
the singer is expecting a child from the leader of Rammstein till Lindemann.

“I stand and look at a jar of caviar, and I think: I have the caviar doesn’t need you, I
it will not help. To spawn not me, — said Lolita. Light Loboda, you’re my
friend. But tell me, why I found out about the fact that you’re already on the seventh
month, and even from beloved man — from til! only from the tabloids?!
I’m sorry, but, apparently, eggs have to eat me — not pregnant, but
protein would be fine”.

Loboda and Palladium have been friends for nine years. Their acquaintance took place after
as Svetlana in 2009 triumphant was performed at the Eurovision song contest.

“After the contest, the phone rang: “hi, this is Lolita,” recalls
Loboda. At that time we didn’t know, but she told me a lot
compliments and advised where to go. Why she decided to call?
Lolita explained that just saw me on TV, and she really
like the way I work. After the contest, when I came to Moscow,
invited me to visit, and I lived with her for a week. Lola in the mornings, even cooked
I oatmeal. I will never forget her support since that time we have become
good friends”.

Recall, the Svetlana’s affair and Tilla talking after the festival, “Heat,” last
in the summer of 2017. Extravagant musician courted Loboda, they all
the time spent together and kissed without hesitation. By the way, till is known for its
love to Russian girls. Before meeting with the Quinoa in it for four years
met with the Muscovite by name of Alina.