Lolita admitted that she was drinking

Лолита призналась, что стала много пить
The singer made friends with the neighbors.


Photo: Instagram

Lolita always openly talked about their problems. Now, on the eve of a big solo concert, the singer admitted that it was a lot to drink. It happened due to the fact that she finally settled all the conflict with the HOA of the elite house in the center of Moscow. We will remind, three years ago, the management company demanded the singer half a million rubles as payment of debt for utility payments. Lolita, unlike many of their wealthy neighbors, disagreed. Always money she earned herself, and knows the price to each rouble. Therefore, a huge sum has angered the singer, and she began to plead with these, as she called them, “corruption”. In the fight for the truth Lolita reached the mayor. The proceedings lasted several years. During this time, changed management of the management company, moved the neighbors, unhappy with the scandals.

“They hoped that I would move out, and had to relocate — laughing Lolita. Now my neighbors are very decent people! By a happy coincidence, too, like me, originally from Ukraine: Odessa, someone from Kiev… One problem — I began to drink a lot! We constantly go to each other’s homes, so the amount of alcohol consumed is growing all the time. Don’t worry, it’s not alcohol, we’re just having fun, and then later, in old age, there will be nothing to remember!”

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