Лолита о дочери: «Нет у нее аутизма, есть следствие недоношенности» The actress said what she had to go for the successor. Eva was born prematurely, so the star had to exert a lot of effort the girl grew up healthy. The singer told that raising a daughter, she is trying to avoid the mistakes that arose in its relations with parents.

      Лолита о дочери: «Нет у нее аутизма, есть следствие недоношенности»

      Singer Lolita tries to do everything in her power for the happiness of his daughter. The artist believes that eve should not repeat its mistakes. As recognized by the IBA in the program of Yulia Menshovoj “Alone with all”, a large part of her life she suffered from nedolyublennosti. According to the star parents didn’t give her enough attention in childhood. The artist took many years to forget these insults.

      Lolita turned to the spiritual center, where she argued that we need to forgive their parents. However, only one year later, step by step, attending meditation, she was able to let go of all the negativity.

      “I was raped, I didn’t understand why. It was easier to end the relationship, not to communicate. But I can’t,” admitted Palladium.

      According to Lolita, “dolblenie children” are very happy, they will never feel embarrassed or worry. In dealing with his heir, she tries to keep a balance.

      “Eve will grow in that I was given with interest. In the verbal sense. Yes, I have not grown Marilyn Monroe, not a model, but I keep telling her that she is beautiful, good, smart. We agreed with the mother that she would receive what I had received. Me too am more careful now,” admitted Lo.

      There have been a lot of rumors about the daughter of the artist. It was rumored that eve lags behind in the development of their peers. However, Lolita does not think that her child is somehow different from the rest. Moreover, in a short time, Eva, who lives with his grandmother in Ukraine, will arrive in Moscow to enter the University.

      “I told her that I would give anything if I came out successfully married for the first time and for life that could not stick neither on their content nor on the maintenance of the family. My child has been a severe backlog, because she weighed 1200 grams after birth. What we are is not only attributed. Just angry people on the Internet endlessly, I was plagued by autism. She doesn’t have autism, is a consequence of prematurity… If I had given up, sat on its butt and was only a child…It is very expensive to raise children when there is a problem. I’m glad I was able to do it,” – said the artist.

      Lolita thankful to my mom because she helps her to take care of eve. According to star, she has no sense of guilt in front of the heiress. “I got rid of this complex, read clever books, listened to smart people. She respects me, because I was watching behind the scenes of concerts, I saw how I work,” said IBA.

      The singer claims that her daughter knows how she likes it. However, celebrity is trying to bring up eve in severity. They have established a trusting relationship. However, the star is not how she is going to live with the heiress in Moscow. “I became estranged from the child. Since two years she is my mother. I was always a “daddy,” admitted Lo.