Лохан – Малахову: «Я отдала Егору всю себя. Это меня погубило»

British actress gave an exclusive interview to the program “Let them talk”, which told about the breakup with Russian boyfriend Egor Tarasovym.

And they are all so beautiful: she’s famous, he’s rich (at least rich his father, a Russian businessman). Her behind – in rehab for alcoholism, and he has such a charming smile. Together with Yegor photos, now deleted, which the actress posted on Instagram, she looked really happy… But apparently, karma is Lindsay is this – not without scandal and this time. The actress eventually accused of Egor of infidelity and assault. What happened?

Interview took place not as usual in the Studio and at the hotel where the actress told about the break-up with Russian bride.

— I have been through a lot in life, and I have no choice but to recognize and realize that other women went through this, ” says the British star. In charity I work with children who had to endure abuse. So I was lucky that I arrived in Moscow and unable to speak. Someone else may have to hide, not being able to tell someone what was happening to him.

When we love a person, we try to do everything possible to keep him, but it is very difficult. We think: how we will if he leaves? But we forget that we have our own life. For me it was extremely unpleasant, I became a battered woman does not want to admit it. Life is what you make of it. The people with whom we associate, we get to choose. Sometimes the love and life don’t know what happens next. And what happens, happens very quickly. I lived a long time under a sight of cameras, 27 years of my life, I opened to the people, was with them honest and never hid, never gave up from what you did right and wrong. I’ve always been myself, but falling in love is something different, it’s personal, and when you’re in public, this is difficult to get used to. I fell into this trap. I was met by Yegor and gave him all of myself, but in the end I just killed it.

Full interview with Andrey Malakhov with Lindsay Lohan HERE.

Shooting, it should be noted that simple wasn’t – they ended with as many as five in the morning, and indeed the program was almost cancelled due to Lindsay, who suddenly on the day of filming was closed in his room in the hotel “Ritz-Carlton” and did not respond to a knock on the door and phone calls. According to the site Life.ru the actress simply was drunk. Although according to other versions, the actress just didn’t feel well. And in the lobby of the hotel allegedly was the Andrei Malakhov, who tried to resolve the situation. In the end, Lindsay is still out, and the shooting took place. And even after the star published in Instagram photo with Andrey Malakhov and crew, signing it: “My Russian family”.

By the way, the invitation Lindsey cost the host a pretty penny. Life.ru published 19 contract with “exclusive” terms and conditions of her participation in the talk-show of the First channel. The amount 500 thousand pounds, which was called earlier as a proposed fee for participation in the program was even lower final – their presence in the Studio, the actress is estimated at 650 thousand pounds, and this, at the moment, 54 million 600 thousand roubles! Lohan also asked for a flight by the private plane, stay at the Ritz-Carlton overlooking the Red square and round the clock security. But the point about the mandatory meeting with the President of Russia, which wrote mass media, the list was not – then the star decided to be more modest. But not too modest Lindsay as part of the spending, not wanting to spend in Moscow a penny – absolutely all the expenses for her stay in the Russian capital must take the First channel. Also in the list of requirements was compulsory absence in the Studio Yegor Tarabarova and his new girlfriend Daria Posevkina.