Logo of football club “Zenit” was in the top ten worst in the world

Логотип футбольного клуба "Зенит" попал в десятку худших в мире

Worst logos of football clubs in the world by the Daily Mail

British newspaper Daily Mail ranked the worst logos of football clubs in the world, and this list includes the emblem of the St. Petersburg “Zenith”. Journalists of the tabloid felt that the logo consisting only of stars, the name of the club and the date of its Foundation, too simple and uninteresting. “Unless one can call it a logo ?” – puzzled reporters in the article.

You can believe in “Zenith”: offended with negative comments about native emblems, club representatives stood to her defense and told sarcastic tweet with a picture with the logo of the Daily Mail and the caption: “here’s our ten worst newspaper badges at all times!”.

The story is not over, and from both sides was followed by several more messages addressed to each other:

Daily Mail – “Zenith”: “Sorry, guys, we just prefer your old logo (which you won the UEFA Cup)”

“Zenith” – the Daily Mail: “to be honest, we also like your old logo”

Recall that the logo, which is so not like the British media, was presented in 2013. However, then he was without stars, which were added only in 2015 as the symbol of the five championship titles of the team.

Логотип футбольного клуба "Зенит" попал в десятку худших в мире

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