Logins divorced third wife, but again wants to the altar

Логинов развелся с третьей женой, но снова хочет к алтарю

The star of the show “Happy together” is not going to stay in the bachelors.

41-year-old actor Viktor Loginov, unlike his hero Genes Bukin, a little like a perfect family man. For the third marriage of the actor collapsed. A month ago, he announced from the stage, once again free… And most importantly, do not intend to linger long in the singles!

“For me, divorce is a painful story. I’m not ready to say that never getting married. No, I’m unlikely to remain a bachelor, ” said the actor, writes Teleprogramma.pro. But I am looking forward to take into account all the bugs and issues that were not resolved in previous stories. But the main and worst minus divorce is, of course, loneliness.

Victor also told that the lack of female attention more than compensates for the work. And trying to keep busy every minute. But when a free day is given, he spends this time with his boys Sasha and Ivan.

We will remind, last wife actor met in 2005 on the set of the sitcom. She worked as a casting Director and was delighted with the attentions from the stars of the show. After a couple of months the couple moved in together. A year later fiancee Victor gave him the eldest son of Alexander. In 2011, the family got more and the younger son, Vanya.

However, formalized the relationship pair only in 2011 with the birth of her second son.

From previous marriages, the actor also has two children – daughter Anna and son Dmitry.