Лофт: миллионер из трущоб

Schelyasty plank floors, rough walls of red brick, undisguised the pipes and plugs, a minimum of furniture and no walls — no, this is not a description of a poor man’s shack or the cheapest housing in meblarskich”. This loft is one of the most expensive and fashionable interior styles.

Лофт: миллионер из трущоб
“Gentrified loft

Лофт: миллионер из трущоб
Classic loft

A real “natural” loft is a former industrial premises, of which he brought all the machines and equipment, leaving only the bare walls. Something like this:

Лофт: миллионер из трущоб

Most often, it is the whole floor, not divided into rooms, landscape lighting, concrete columns, props and other elements left over from industrial times.

However, abandoned factories was not enough, and the style already in Vogue, so today more common purpose built houses and apartments under the loft, retaining only some signs of direction. In the literature this is called a soft loft.

Characteristic features of the loft

  • The atmosphere of antiquity, the “spirit of history”. Even freshly the room should not look “Novem” — otherwise it is a profanation of the very idea of the loft.
  • Open free space. Zoning is due to the color and furniture, no internal walls should not be.
  • Monochrome gamma. Classic lofts black and white, but you can find Sepia and red-brown combination.
  • Natural materials: brick, wood, metal. Modern interpretations can meet bulk composite floors, but this is a departure from the Canon.
  • Demonstrative traces of the “factory of the past.” For example, red brick wall can be intentionally sprayed with white paint, the design elements often found steel pipes and valves — in fact, leading nowhere.
  • The location in the attic — rarely industrial plant was located in the basement.
  • High ceilings, best — with a mansard roof.

National interpretation

Scandinavian loft tends to be absolute white

Лофт: миллионер из трущоб

The descendants of the Vikings love the color of snow and winter, especially because the white tones visually expand the space and fill the room with air.

To the room did not look flat pencil drawing, in the interior you can bring accents of colour through furniture or accessories — for example, bright bedding or fire in the fireplace.

In Turkey I love everything to be rich, fulfilling, and visibly.

Warm pastel colors, lots of small parts is still the loft, but a very different, Eastern.

USA — the birthplace of the style, there are classic brick wall, low creativity, high traditionalism.

In Germany like order, and the loft they have a clear and high-tech: with the gleaming metal surfaces, chrome and glass.

Russian loft often, budget room with a slight facelift. Crumbling from the walls, the plaster can be shaped cards, doorways have been removed and the doors can emphasize a design — and do not have to pay for creating the illusion of business premises from scratch.

To suit this loft?

By and large — all.

Families with children — because of the minimum of furniture and space (and bedrooms can be arranged on the second level, lofts often have a second tier).

The bachelors — the feeling of freedom.

Artists — great natural light almost 24 hours a day.

For the connoisseurs of style — due to the overall creative and non-conformist atmosphere.

As with any style, the loft can be very versatile. And that’ll fit you too.

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