Лайза Миннелли пускает часть своей жизни под молоток
The Hollywood legend are satisfied with the auction, which will auction off about a thousand personal belongings.

Лайза Миннелли пускает часть своей жизни под молоток

Liza Minnelli


71-year-old legendary singer and actress Liza Minnelli has announced that it is preparing to auction. “The time came when I decided that I owned and collected over a long career, my collection of wonderful things should be significantly reduced. I want to live simply and modestly, and yet I sincerely wish to share with their loyal fans who have always supported me”. Lisa is going to auction thousands of items. Of course, the decision was made by the Hollywood legend is not a good life. Has she been sick long, almost never speaks and her financial situation is very depressing. In fact, Liza has long been teetering on the brink of personal bankruptcy…

In particular, Minnelli decided to say goodbye to such legendary things as the famous bowler hat, vest and boots that have become the hallmark of her character in the famous movie-musical Bob Fosse “Cabaret”. The number of future lots is included and rolls-Royce 1971 release, the production version of the script for “Cabaret”with her comments, made by hand, and many other valuable things. For her role of a dancer and singer of a nightclub in Berlin of Sally Bowles, the actress received in 1972 the “Oscar”.

Lisa intends to leave not only his personal collection, but also with the things that got her famous parents — actress Judy garland and Director Vincent Minnelli. For example, the auction will feature the cheque, received on 13-year-old Judy garland from MGM for the role in his first film. Many scenic and out of the costumes for Lisa for many years was created by the designer Halston. This unique outfits of the unique fabrics and accessories that hopes Lisa will be able to redeem the museums of textiles and design.

Liza Minnelli in “Cabaret”

Photo: Outnow