Liza Boyarskaya sacrificed himself for family

Лиза Боярская пожертвовала собой ради семьи The actress spoke about moving to Moscow. Despite his own apartment in this city, the celebrity still spends a lot of time in the cultural capital. The change of residence does not prevent the star to continue to consider himself a Petersburger.

      Actress Lisa boyars rarely talks about his personal life, believing that happiness loves silence. Fans of the actress know that she is married to a colleague Maxim Matveev and raising a lovely son Andrew. Spouses live in two cities: Moscow and Saint Petersburg. In 2013 in mass media there was information that Lisa and Maxim bought an apartment in the capital. These data are reporters confirmed Mikhail Boyarsky. He noted with pride that the young people themselves earn on housing.

      Elizaveta Boyarskaya left her husband

      Lisa recently became a guest of the TV program “Reflection” channel of the OTR, in which he spoke about how she, a native Petersburger, it is possible to combine shooting and caring for family. “You see, it so happened that my fate was such that I am from St. Petersburg, and my husband is from Moscow. Although in reality we both Muscovites, and both live in Moscow. And it happened from the very beginning that I have to travel to St. Petersburg to work, and I live here, we got the kid here goes to the garden. It is a habit of life. They work very hard, we have to build a schedule so to have free time only at the child and family,” said the star.

      According to the actress, she had to accept the move to Moscow. The actress went on such a step for the sake of loved ones.

      “In the name of family and well-being of his family – Yes. But I have a lot of time anyway I spent there. Then have my parents there. And Maxim’s mother in St. Petersburg. Therefore, in the summer we go to Petersburg and to the country for many years. But I remain a lady. Nothing that does not interfere,” said the young woman.

      Leading transmission also asked the Boyar, as the husband refers to the bed scenes with her participation. According to Lisa, Maxim understands that it’s just a job. “Look, who on what studied. I can’t say that there is at least one contradiction or some conversation on the subject of what “stay at home”, or some jealousy. Of course not. We have a huge number of performances where we play a variety of feelings from hate to love. Maxim played the maniac in “Mosgaz”, and so on. Whatever you have to do,” says the artist.

      In addition, Lisa Boyarsky told about the long-awaited premiere, which will take place in a few months. Last year, the actress participated in the filming of “Anna Karenina” channel VGTRK. The actress played the role of the main character, Alexei Vronsky, played her husband Maxim Matveev. According to Lisa, there will be two versions of the picture – for film and TV. Director of the project was Karen Shakhnazarov. “It was one of the most beautiful, complex, controversial, delightful, wildly responsible, nervous and sweet shots in life. Because you represent, probably, such role play is a dream,” admitted knights.